Washi Tape

Originally trading as makers of fly catching paper in the early 1920s, Japanese company Kamoi have been producing various forms of adhesive masking tapes for over 80 years.

A few years ago, three women; a gallery owner, an artist and a graphic designer, made a trip to the production factory. While the tapes were primarily being manufactured for industrial usage, the women had become enthused by using the small range of coloured rice-paper tapes decoratively.

To demonstrate, they presented the company with Little Press a small book of collages and patterns made using the tapes. Following their visit, the women became inspired by the traditional processes involved in the production of the tapes.

They presented a second book to the company, featuring the work of 17 artists, who had designed patterns and prints of masking tapes they wished to have.

Following an exhibition in Tokyo and in their home city, Kamoi realised the ladies ideas, launching the masking tape (mt) label with a wealth of single colour and patterned tapes focussed on sweetness and functionality.

Beautifully packaged, thoughtfully produced, the mt range elevates adhesive tape from everyday stationery to a unique, surprisingly versatile, art, craft and design object.